Are you interested in bringing your 'lived experience' alive?

We are looking to generate new interest in the Child Care History Network and are inviting all those working with children and young people and interested in discussing, recording and sharing our collective histories.

We have a special interest in gaining support from managers to free up staff to use  our annual meetings and forums to explore the influences on their current practice and provide space for reflection and  CPD. 

Organisations that are able to support staff team members to take part in these experiences have seen:

  • Levels of sickness, ‘burnout’, staff leaving, internal grievances, hours in recruitment and induction training, internal conflict reduce.
  • Productivity, flexibility, commitment, personal investment, contribution to the organisation, staff team efficacy and mental health increase.
  • Highlighted as good practice in accreditation and inspection processes.
  • Networking and business opportunities increase.

And for the individual:

  • Confidence, mental health, critical thinking, work tools and skills, networking and collaboration and support opportunities increase.

If you are a current child care manager, practitioner, care experienced, researcher or an ex-staff member, do come and join us to explore the evolution of child care history.